About Us


Quality without compromise!

P.U.T.R. “PILE”  based in Trstenik is a local company with 10 years of successful business tradition. It is one of the leading producers and distributors of poultry meat and meat products.

We currently have nine retail outlets and an extensive wholesale network. We have modern transport vehicles, equipped with cooling systems in order to maintain the quality of the products being transported.


"Our vision is to become leaders in the field of chicken products, creating unforgettable experiences for our customers across the country. We want to become synonymous with taste, quality and passion for food."


"Our mission is to reshape the way people experience and consume chicken products. We strive to provide the tastiest, highest quality and most innovative products while fostering sustainable practices and supporting the community."


We nurture creativity and openness to new ideas in order to create unique products and experiences.

We place special emphasis on quality and consistency in everything we do, striving to achieve the highest standards in order to meet the expectations of our customers.

We are committed to preserving the environment and supporting social initiatives that contribute to a better world.

We value diversity in our team and support mutual respect and cooperation to achieve mutual success.

April 2008
History of the company
PUTR Pile Registered in APR

During the registration, the company PUTR "PILE" registered as its activity to be engaged in the production of one-day-old chickens from its own parent flock, fattening chickens with subcontractors with whom it has a contractual relationship, production of feed or concentrate, slaughtering chickens, cleaning, processing.

June 2008
Opening a retail store in Trstenik
Opening of a retail store

The first retail facility opened in Trstenik. During its existence, the shop has grown from cultivation, slaughter and processing in the domestic industry into semi-industrial production with a network of rented outlets.

January 2011
Construction of a new building
Expansion of production capacities

An investment project for the construction of a modern building with automated equipment is being developed, the realization of which was completed in September 2014.

April 2016
Start of production of boiled products
Production of hot dogs and salami

In 2016, the Pile Trstenik slaughterhouse will start producing boiled products (hot dogs, salami) and the number of wholesale customers will increase.

September 2018
Expansion of slaughterhouse capacity
Slaughterhouse expansion

We are expanding the slaughterhouse capacity from 200 pcs / h to 1000 pcs / h