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Eat healthy - be healthy

Selected the highest quality pieces of chicken meat for your whole family, prepare delicious and healthy meals for them to enjoy. We have prepared some suggestions for healthy and tasty meals below.

Who said healthy isn't tasty?
Chicken meat is rich in low-calorie proteins, so it is recommended for nutrition during exercise and weight loss.

Chicken meat contains







Chicken is rich in a number of important nutrients and is a great addition

a healthy diet

It has a low caloric value and is rich in protein so it is often used during weight loss because proteins increase the feeling


In combination with training, proteins stimulate muscle growth and accelerate metabolic processes.

Chicken drumstick is rich in nutrients and is also a favorite precisely because of its delicious, dark meat . Chicken drumstick is slightly more fatty than fillet, but it is also a good source of protein

for a healthy diet

Adequate protein levels help build muscle and also help strengthen the immune system.

Healthy delicious recipes with chicken

We have prepared and selected for you several healthy recipes that are delicious and easy to prepare

Chicken skewers with vegetables

Delicious white chicken meat skewers with stewed vegetables.

Caesar salad with chicken

Quick, light and delicious Caesar salad with chicken

Cezar salata - Pile Trstenik recepti

Enjoy an afternoon lunch with family and friends

Prepare them the most delicious chicken

Chicken in the oven

One of the healthiest ways to cook chicken is right from the oven

In order for the fillet to be juicy, it is necessary to make an adequate topping to make it crispy, additional spices will make the meat tasty. Add some vegetables and it will be a great idea for dinner.

In addition to being low in fat and calories, chicken from the oven is rich in important nutrients.


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