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Our company has set a goal to provide a high level of protection of life and health of consumers.

That is why we strive to produce healthy, safe and quality food every day, where the company PILE TRSTENIK develops the high quality standards that exist in EU countries. Chicken you won’t be able to resist.

Breaded products

Satisfy your senses of taste with breaded chicken products. Selected pieces of chicken in a juicy, crunchy owerflow will blow up your sense of taste.


You need a quick and tasty meal

Choose something from our chicken range of grilled meat. Chicken kebabs, burgers, donuts, stuffed kebabs, stuffed burgers, rolled liver,

rolled skewers, gourmet burger. Juicy and simple – ready in 10-15 minutes.

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The introduction of BAADER TECHNOLOGY of chicken meat separation separates our company PILE TRSTENIK from the competition and places it in the group of producers that follow world trends. The new technology by which chicken is produced has responded to the highest demands of people who take care of their healthy diet as well as the nutrition of their children.

Baader is a world-renowned manufacturer of innovative meat processing machines, which precisely separate meat from other, hard parts such as bones and cartilage, thus creating the highest quality raw materials we use for our processed products.

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